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Hello Family and Friends!!!
Whewy!  What a week this has been.  This has been, definitely, the hardest week so far.  And isn’t it just so funny that it has been the best week so far as well!!!  I think it’s great how those two things go hand in hand.  It reminded me of my 10 days in Galilee–they were so difficult becuase I was working soo hard, but it one of the best weeks of my life because my work was focused on learning abou tthe Savior.  It’s been like a refiner’s fire for me this week.  But, I find that with the lowest of lows comes the highest of highs.  Take Christ for example,  He descended below all things and thus will be exalted above all things.  Don’t get me wrong though-I’ve not been miserable.  It’s been GREAT!!!  I’ve just been working so hard and I have learned things about myself that I never knew before.  I’ve especially learned things that I need to change about myself, too.  But like I said before, I’ve had my highest highs this week as well.  First of all, I received a letter or package every day for four days from my DEAR family!!!  First Dad, then Mom, then Dave, then Ginny Lou.  I cannot even express to you how much I needed those letters and that package.  You sent them in the absolute more perfect week you could.  Thank you so, so, SO much!!  (Also, just fyi the letters took about one week to get here!).  Also, GENERAL CONFERENCE.  I learned many things that I need to improve from the talks from GC, but I was also lifted so much, learned so much, and really gained a more Eternal perspective than I have ever had before.  I know the Second Coming is so soon.  I don’t know if I’ll be alive, but quite frankly I wouldn’t be surprised.  I know that I am part of an army, preparing the world for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and I could not be more delighted about that.  I have so many things that I want to tell you, but I just don’t have time.  I love you all so much and I KNOW that the Church is true and that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father live.  I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all that you do for me.
Com Amor,
Your Sister Missionary:)

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