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Hello Family and Friends,

Happy New Year!!  Sorry that I did not send a letter on Monday, all of the stores were closed for New Years!!  It was soo great to see all of you and to hear your voices and to be reassured that you still exist!  I have soo much to tell all of you, but I have one piece of news that is most important above all the rest.. and it can be summarized in one word:  BAPTISM!!  YAY!!  I had my first baptism this week.  Mateus was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday.  He is our miracle!!  I was so happy to see him be baptized and he is already so excited to teach with us, serve a mission, and share his testimony with all who could be strengthened by it! 

Christmas was AWESOME!!  The best part about Christmas was, of course, talking with my FAMILY!!  But, I got to wake up Christmas morning with stockings hanging up from my dear family!!  I made French Toast which reminded  me of home and Sister Bullen made maple syrup!  We recieved a çesta (a HUUUGE basket full of all sorts of goodies)  from the Relief Society on the 23rd and waited until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to open and gorge.  Our lunch for Christmas Day fell through, but then Christmas morning a recently converted family called us and asked us if we could come to eat lunch at their house.  It was SO great!!  We ate and ate and ate and it was delicious and then afterwards we sang Christmas Hymns together.  I really felt like my Heavenly Father was looking out for me.  I thought the following:  If I was at home my Dad (earthly Dad) and Mom, of course, would never let me go through Christmas without goodies and without lunch!  But, I’m not at home, so my Father in Heaven provided for me becuase I am serving Him.  It was a neat experience for me.  After talking to y’all I was sad of course, and the only thing that could give me solace was to pray to my Heavenly Father and I was alright.  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we went caroling, which was awesome because I’ve wanted to do that on my mission ever since David did that on his mission.  Many people were really touched and really felt the Spirit.  We sang to one man, Marcos, who afterwards said that he already heard about our Church from a friend who has told him a lot about it.  He said that he always saw his Book  Of Mormon on the table, but never had the courage to open it.  When we asked him if he would like a BOM he IMMEDIATELY said YES  and when we asked him if he would like to recieve visits from us in his home he IMMEDIATELY said YES!!  It was amazing.  And what makes it truly a miracle is that his friend is the one and only CLEOMAR!!  How cool is that???  We told Cleomar about it and he was like OOOH Marcinhos!!  Awe. 

I saw more monkeys this week and took pictures with them, but unfortantely they are on the camera of Sister Bullen who is at a different Lan House.  I will send them eventually. 

Here is an update with my investigators:

Eber–Eber and Silvana are a couple that we are teaching with two young children.  They are very well studied in the Bible.  Eber is honestly searching for the truth, he really really wants to find it.  I am convinced that he won’t accept baptism until after he has read the entire Book of Mormon.  He has lots of questions… like where in the Bible does it say that John the Baptist was resurrected and therefore could appear to Joseph Smith…  LOTS and LOTS of questions.  And he needs proof from the Bible.  He believes that when he prays he can recieve an answer, but that the answer will be in the Bible, not from the Holy Ghost.  He honestly relies more on the Bible and values the Bible more than a response from the Holy Ghost.    So, last night when we were visiting them my comp and Silvana were arguing over Bible stuff and Eber said that he wanted to hear what I had to say.  So I bore my simple testimony that I have read the BOM, studied it, studied the Bible, but the way that I know that the BOM is true, Joseph Smith was a Prophet, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true is becuase I have (first read and studied) and then PRAYED about them, many times, and every time I recieve a witness from the Holy Ghost that they are true and every time I know with more surety that these things are true.  I told them that becuase of these responses, no matter what comes my way I can ALWAYS rely on that witness, I can ALWAYS know that these things are true.  I do not doubt them, no matter what—just because I don’t understand.  How could I deny a response from the HOLY GHOST- a member of the Godhead.  It was a great experience for me, because when we are visiting with them it is really hard to get a whole thought in before being interrupted, but I started my testimony with-you will have to be patient with my Portuguese- and when I started bearing my testimony the room was completely silent.  The harshness of Silvana was subdued by the Spirit.  No one can deny a testimony, no one can argue with a testimony.  It was a great experience for me.

Mariana-  Mariana was my miracle, but when we returned to her house, her Mom said that they are Catholic and we can’t teach her.  I was SO devistated.  So, I prayed and prayed that we could run into her another place, in order to respect her Mother’s wishes, but still talk to her, ya know??  AND WE DID!!!  It was truly a miracle.  I told her about my prayers and I told her to never forget what she felt and what she believes.  Now we have her number and she has ours, and she said she will talk to her Mom.

Patrice-  So I was writing addresses to visit from the Area Book and I kept feeling Sibipirunas (a street name) over and over really strong.  So I wrote all of the addresses from Sibipirunas.  NONE of them were there I think, until we got to Partice’s house.  Preach My Gospel talks about how people will recognize you as servants of the Lord, representatives of Christ, maybe not at first fbut eventually.  This was an experience where all present immediately recognized us as servants of Christ.  It was so sweet.  Patrice NEEDED us and her sister-in-law had prayed us there that morning and her step-mother knew that we were sent to help her.  She is addicted to crack and it is really destroying her life and her family.  We told her how she can be free and she trusts and believes us.  I am so excited to help her be free from this drug that Satan uses to make people miserable like him.  At the end of the lesson we learned that she was baptised when she was 9, in this Church, attended for 2 years and then went inactive with her family.  What an amazing experience.

Cleomar-  We finally got to visit Cleomar yesterday after about two weeks of not being able to meet with him.  It was so great.  I felt the Spirit SO strong the WHOLE time we were there with him and Malu.  He told Sister Cardoso his story, about how he was introduced to the Church 6 years ago, but it was me and Sister Lopez that made him want to be baptized.  I told him my experience about how I felt like I knew him the first time I heard his name and he cried.  It was beautiful. 

I have to go, but I will send pictures next week.  I didn’t have time to read e-mails, but I will take a picture of them, read them, and reply next week!!  I love you all so much and I am grateful for you all!!

Sister Butler


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