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Monkey and bananaMy zone

Reminded me of the Todescos

Reminded me of the Todescos

1. Reminded me of the Todescos
2. Monkey and baby!!
3. My Zone
4. Monkey and banana!

PS I was Senior this week!! As part of my training… an experience I hope to never repeat . Haha just kidding it was exciting.


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Dear Family and Friends,

WOW!! This week was amazing!! I learned so much this week and had so many great experiences!! But the best of all was the baptism of Lorena Oliveira dos Santos!!! Here is a condensced summary of Lorena’s story (that you should read if you doubt that God lives and loves us):

Sister Lopez and Sister Gee were the first to contact Lorena, and she accepted their invitation to learn more about our religion. Soon thereafter I arrived, and started teaching Lorena, her Mom Cliede (and her sister 3-yr-old Isabella). In fact, I think they were my first lesson in the field. They quickly developed testimonies of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. But, they were not ready to live certain commandments, and therefore ceased progressing, so we had to cut them. It was so hard. But then, a few weeks after Sister Cardoso arrived I started getting very strong impressions to visit Lorena. Her name was constantly in my head for about a week or two. I even asked Sister Cardoso if we could visit old investigators, and told her a little bit about Lorena and my feelings. But apparently it wasn’t enough for me, these promptings from the Spirit (which I am ashamed to say), so God put Lorena in my path. Literally. One day we were walking and Lorena drove my yelling SIIISTERS!!!!!!! I told S. Cardoso it was Lorena and we both said that we wanted to visit her. Then we had District Meeting, and our leader asked each companionship to pray about who they should visit. At the end of the prayer S. Cardoso and I both said that we felt Lorena really strong. So, we returned to visit her. Long story short, we followed through with suggestions from leaders on what to do and say, followed the Spirit, and Lorena was baptized yesterday. She told us every time she learns about the Gospel, every time we respond to one of her doubts, her testimony grows and she knows with more surety that it is true and ultimately has more desire to be baptized. She THIRSTED for the waters of baptism. She wasn’t ready before, but when we returned she was. She is so strong. She talked to her boyfriend about the Law of Chastity, that she was GOING to live it, going to be baptized, and going to trust in and follow the Savior and bring him along, and that if he loved her he would accept this. He never accepted it before, but this time he did and now he says he is next for the waters of baptism. The Savior knows us, our friends, our fears, our doubts, our future, everything. He knew what Lorena needed in order to ultimately be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood Authority of God. He knew that she needed to recieve the missionaries during some time.. stop.. and then recieve them again. He knew when she would be ready. I am so grateful for Lorena, her baptism, her resolve to endure to the end and at such a young age. I am so grateful, for than ever in my life, to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord.

I have 5 minutes, so I will share another quick experience where I learned about AGENCY:

Maria is the sister of Fransisca, who were are teaching and has a problem with smoking. We ran into her walking one day, and she was smoking. She put down the cigarrette to greet us and looked pretty ashamed. After we talked for a little while I stood between her and the cigarrette so she couldn’t pick it up. We explained why smoking is against the will of the Lord and invited her, with love, to stop smoking. But, I still stood between her and the cigarrette, and moved myself everytime she stepped towards it. I did NOT want her to pick it up… but the whole time I was thinking NOSSA this was SATAN’S plan- to FORCE us to do the right thing. So I moved. She picked up the cigarrette. I was so disappointed… until she threw it on the ground and stomped on it. Bam- that’s why we have agency, so that we can make our own choices to choose the right, and consequently grow and become more like God.

Thank you for your support and love and prayers. I hope to send the pictures of the baptism next week, for this computer isn’t working with pictures.

All my love,

Sister Suzannah Jane Butler

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True Joy

Dear Family and Friends,

Well this week I was transferred. To Sydney, Australia Portuguese speaking. But that was just a dream, so I am still in Maringá (and will find out in one week if I will be transferred or not). For now I am giving this area my whole heart!! My mission started a 40 day fast where we are fasting from everything that takes the Spirit away from us. It is so awesome and truly is a “purification process.” I have already seen its affects!! Yahoo!!

This week we had… EIGHT people in Church!! It was truly a miracle!! We were on cloud nine. That was our record haha. We have had some sweet experiences this week! We contacted Maria, a woman in our Area Book, and found out that she had recieved the Elders one year ago. One Elder, sitting at the same table that we were sitting at, promised her that if she had sufficient faith and prayed about the Restoration, she would recieve an answer. She said I HAVE FAITH, prayed to Heavenly Father–completely willing, desirous, and faithful to recieve an answer– and that night had a dream which was Joseph in the Sacred Grove praying to Heavenly Father. She said she knows it’s true. WHAT HAPPENED you wonder?? The Elders passed and passed, but she was never home and I think she fell between the cracks with transfers. But we found her!! She knows it’s true, but unfortunately when we invited her to be baptized (3 times now??) she said OOOOH no, when I asked God for an answer I told Him that I wouldn’t follow it and I am very comfortable in my own Church. So, we are working on that. But wow it was a powerful experience that Heavenly Father will answer prayers.. and is very merciful. We started visiting Lorena and Cleide again as a result of several very powerful Spiritual promptings (described in a hand-written letter that I sent today). With a few visits, scriptures, and answered questions Lorena is now preparing to be baptized. She told us that she has a GREAT desire to live the commandments of God and be baptized. Our DL suggested reading the story of Jospeh in Egypt (due to Law of Chastity problems), so we did and afterwards she said Whoa, I want to be baptized. It was amazing. Our leaders are truly inspired. She went to Church and wants to continue on the path to baptism. We will mark a date this week. Cleide, her mom, finally told us her worries–that her husband (but not her boyfriend…) will be so sad if they divorce (in order for her to marry her boyfriend). I told her that God will take care of him…but the words were not my own- I just opened my mouth and out they came. She repeated what I said and seemed to be at peace. OOOH cool experience- this week we ran into an Athiest. We explained, tactfully, that God exists and not only that but He loves her very much, misses her, and she is His daughter literally. Afterwards I prayed to Heavenly Father to help her and immediately the impression came to my mind, “I just did.” It was an answer to my prayers to be used as an instrument in the hands of God. This week, we met with a inactive boy, Fabion, and his family for the second time. We had been studying asking inspired questions as part of my training, and man did it pay off!! We were talking about gaining a testimony of the Church through the BOM ( with his non-member family and him). I said I think you already did this Fabion. What does the response that you recieved mean to you? He talked and talked and ended up saying that it was a blessing that the true Church of Jesus Christ was on the earth and that maybe later in his life he will start going again. I did not know he had that testimony. After he finished I waited a few moments and all I could say was don’t wait. It seemed to have an impression on him, so I am excited to visit him again and see how he is. I have really seen this week how life without the Gospel of Jesus Christ is miserable, and only through Jesus Christ, His Atonement, and His Gospel can we have true joy. After all the Gospel of Jesus Christ is God’s plan for our (eternal) happiness!! I love you all so much. Thank you for your support and your prayers!!

Sister Suzannah Butler

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